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Equine Reproduction

Reproduction & Breeding Health

We offer a breeding soundness exam which consists of a full physical exam with special attention to the reproductive organs, palpation and ultrasound of the reproductive tract, and uterine culture and cytology if needed. This is best done at the beginning of the breeding season while your mare is showing signs of heat.

We offer stallion collection, semen evaluation, shipping and frozen semen storage. We can inseminate with fresh, cooled transported, or frozen semen.

We then recommend three additional pregnancy exams: the first at 14-18 days after breeding to give time to re-breed if she is not in foal, the second at 28-30 days after breeding to check for a fetal heartbeat, and the third at 60 days after breeding to ensure proper development of the fetus.

Once your mare is in foal, we will help you care for her throughout her pregnancy by providing a customized healthcare schedule. The most important veterinary healthcare aspect during pregnancy is vaccinating against EHV-1 with the Pneumabort-K vaccine at 5, 7, and 9 months and boostering all vaccines at 10 months.

When it comes time to foal, we are able to provide assistance should you need it. We also recommend a Mare and Foal Exam up to 20 hours after foaling unless questions or complications arise, such as a retained placenta. During the exam, we will perform physical exams on both the mare and foal in addition to checking the placenta and running a Foal IgG to make sure the baby received enough antibodies from the mare’s colostrum. Following foaling, we can provide you with a customized healthcare schedule for your new addition to make sure they start out life on the right foot!