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Therapeutic Medicine

Therapeutic & Regenerative Medicine

Steroids & Hyaluronic Acid

Stopping inflammation is key to controlling arthritis progression. Intra-articular cortisone is one of the best treatments for stopping inflammation. Arthritis will continue to progress (because the horse will continue to do athletic endeavors), but the process will slow and the horse will feel better. Adding Hyaluronic Acid to the injection targets the joint capsule decreases inflammation in that tissue and helps it to begin secreting more normal healthy joint fluid.

Stem Cell/Regenerative Therapy is available

Adequan® & Legend®

Polysulfated glycosaminoglycan is a naturally-occurring complex molecule that is the essential building block of the cartilage matrix. Marketed as Adequan®i.m., this product travels into injured joints and stimulates production of new cartilage while relieving the symptoms of non-infectious degenerative joint disease. Adequan®i.m. treats joint disease, increases lubrication and stimulates cartilage repair while relieving pain, decreasing inflammation, restoring synovial fluid and blocking destructive enzymes.
Information courtesy of Luitpold Animal Health.

Legend® (hyaluronate sodium) and NexHA (hyaluronate sodium) are FDA approved I.V. and intra-articular therapy to treat equine non-infectious synovitis associated with osteoarthritis. They are pure hyaluronate sodium, the same glycosaminoglycan present in normal joint fluid. It is produced by a patented biofermentation process, resulting in such purity that it can be given intravenously for immediate bioavailability. Hyaluronate sodium is proven to decrease inflammation and destructive enzymes associated with inflammation. Follow the links for more information on Legend and NexHA.